Payment is to be made by 12pm. If payment is not made by 12pm we may have to put down tools and postpone the job until payment is made. Payment can be made by either cash or direct transfer. We will invoice you directly to your email, at the bottom of the invoice you will find our BSB and ACC. We ask all customers to send us a screenshot of payment. Once the screenshot is received we will forward you your receipt. We ask all customers to please send us a direct screenshot of the payment receipt. If payment is not received on the day we will contact you directly, then after every 24 hours if the invoice is not paid a 10% waiting fee will be added onto your Invoice.

We do not touch fabric blinds and curtains, due to our heavy grade chemical there is a possibility we can stain these items. We will make sure they are free of dust, on the weight bar, pull string and framing. However if mold, fly feces or heavy scratches are present we can not remove these items and advise to go to a blind cleaning specialist. Amazing Blinds Sunshine Coast is our recommended Blind company we use.

We do not touch any ceilings in your property. This is due to a different type of paint compared to your wall paint. Due to the different types of paint, if we were to scrub the ceilings we would leave a circular looking motion on the roofs. We advise if there is mold or heavy markings to either call a mold specialist or get the ceilings repainted.

Your quote does not include the exterior of the property I.e Balconies, Patios, Pressure Cleaning, Pool glass, lights or fans. If these items need doing please advise All Aspect Coastal Cleans and we would be more then happy to quote these areas upon arrival.

Your quote does include external windows however due to insurance we can only access windows on a single story property. We are not allowed to clean windows past our three step ladder. If a double story property and external windows upstairs can not be reached from balconies or a 3 step ladder unfortunately we can not clean these. Please speak to your real estate agent as this may fall under an owner’s law to clean. Please know we unfortunately do not take screens off or out. We will wipe the internal screens but external screens will need to be pressure cleaned.

If garages are not empty on arrival we can not clean this area. Please have all items at least left in the driveway so we can access the garage. Please note We vaccum or sweep garages however we do not pressure clean or remove any oil stains from garage floors.

Fluorescent light covers will not be removed due to being at fault of damaging them. Please note we do not touch Fluro lights or down lights – All other lights will be cleaned.

Upon arrival at your property, if your property is left in an unsatisfactory condition, excess rubbish left on property, furniture left in property (unless stated a furnished property) or is larger than quoted additional charges may apply. We ask all clients to be contactable by phone or meet us at the property the morning of your clean as we may need to touch base with yourself regarding the additional charges that may occur.

Venetian Blinds, louvred glass windows or shutters are an additional charge, please let All Aspect Coastal Clean know if you have any of these items in your property and we will quote accordingly.

Tile and Grout cleaning is an additional charge, if the area of tile n grout is beyond repair it may need a tile n grout machine to come in and clean. Please note we are not tile n grout cleaners, we can only clean small areas in bathrooms ect. We can happily help in organising this clean and will quote for you on arrival if you would like.

Carpet Cleaning, if there is excessive animal hair, animal feces or Fleas present at your property, additional charges may occur due to our Carpet Technician will need to extract further down into the carpets.

Please note we need power left on at the property. We do not use generators. Please note we need all sets of keys to the property, including windows keys and garage keys, if we can not access these then these areas may not get done due to it being locked and no access.

We do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards any of our staff. Please remember we are all human and we are just trying to do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

Thankyou for supporting our local small family business and we can not wait to work further with you!

We do not remove any hooks – plastic walls hook – blue tack or stickers – this also includes any sticky residue left from plastic hooks. Reasoning for this as it may take paint and then we would be at fault for damaging the wall.